Your Mother Always Said "Fork on the right," No?

I’m not one for uptight people, places, or parties. I do attend a lot of events where there is usually a large selection of the “Toronto Elites” as they call themselves. However, I am fine having a glass of champagne at One in Yorkville, though sometimes happiest devouring a greasy plate of nachos from Sneaky Dee’s with my friends.

One thing that I am kind of particular on, is the place setting at my dinner parties. There’s no need to go over-the-top, but in all honesty a lot of people barely hit bare-minimum.

It’s quite simple actually. As indicated by the picture above, all you have to do is follow a few simple rules, then accent as you wish. My settings are minimal, I am a bachelor after all, but a few things you should note are the following:

Glasses to the top right of the plate.

Butter dish to the top left.

Knife on the inside right hand of the plate, always with the curve of the blade pointing towards the plate.

Cutlery then goes from largest to smallest. I usually only put one knife and one fork, adding a dessert spoon after the meal is finished. Polish all of the items your guests use, it takes a minute tops.

I put my napkins on the left side underneath the fork. For some reason they don’t feel right sitting on top of my plate. I suppose to me that indicates the end of a meal, or maybe that there will be lint in my food.

That’s it. Simple and minimal.

Things to note: Napkins folded into swans are meant to be used on tables in Mexico, Cuba or on a cruise, not at your dinner party.


One Response to Your Mother Always Said "Fork on the right," No?

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